September to June Programs

Preschool, After-School, & School’s Out Programs


Age 3-5

We are currently exploring several preschool program locations and will update as soon as possible.

DO YOU KNOW OF A POTENTIAL PROGRAM LOCATION? Send us a message to let us know about it:
We are looking for the following qualities:
– licensable;
– leasable;
– 2,200 square feet or larger;
– with a bathroom in suite;
– ideally including some outdoor space for a sand box and climbing structure;
– next to or near a park, garden, or other ecologically rich area OR area that could be ecologically restored;
– accessible for urban families in less than 30 minutes driving;
– with parking.

Age 5-11, Grade K–5
Camps during School Breaks

Join us for play-based outdoor exploration on your child’s days off school! This program offers children a literal breath of fresh air through outside time and the opportunity for open-ended play and creative work. Activities may include forest & fort-building time, sand digging/beach time, tree climbing, and sports (basketball, soccer, football, frisbee), depending on location. When extreme weather (not rain, but things like lightning or high winds) prevents us from safely holding this program at an outdoor location, we provide an alternate indoor location – but we will still take kids outside as much as possible whenever it is safe to do so.


Age 5-11, Grade K-5

We are currently developing after-school program opportunities at Seward Park in south Seattle and will update as soon as possible.

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